Gourmet Virginia Peanuts

The Best of the Best... Proudly certified as one of "Virginia's Finest", our Gourmet Virginia Peanuts are grown on local farms and cooked on-site. You will want to keep some on hand for family and friends...and don't forget yourself!

From the field to the storefront, we ensure the quality of our Gourmet Virginia Peanuts by staying involved every step of the way. We start by providing local farmers with top-quality seed peanuts which they plant and grow for our products. We know these seed are in good hands. You see, these farmers-- our neighbors and our friends-- continue the tradition of their fathers and grandfathers by growing some of the best, most bountiful peanut crops in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Finally, at harvest time, we carefully choose only the best of these super extra-large peanuts for our Gourmet Virginia Peanut products.